YOU need a personal chef!

Stovetop Solutions

What's for Dinner?

Service for people who care about what they eat but are just too busy!  

Are you...

•    A driven professional with no time to eat right
•    A two-career family where no one cooks or has the time
•    A family on-the-run who resorts to fast food out of desperation                                        
•    Realized a weight loss goal or have special dietary needs
•    Gaining a new dimension on healthy eating
•    Recovering from illness or surgery
•    Or just plain and tired of planning, shopping and cooking

                ...Then you need a Personal Chef

Stovetop Solutions is a unique personal chef service that provides stress free meals prepared to your specifications in your own home. Your kitchen is left spotless and your fridge is left full of delicious meals!

All Services include the following:
•     An in-home consultation to discuss your likes and dislikes.
•     Personalized menus for your family and meals that everyone will enjoy.
•     Grocery shopping for all recipe ingredients.
•     Cooking equipment and access to my pantry .
•      Meals that are cooked, packaged, labeled and ready to be heated by you.
•      A spotlessly clean kitchen.

Stovetop Solutions allows you to serve delicious meals to your family in the comfort of your home!

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